About Missionary Medicine

MissionaryMedicine,com is a website devoted to helping LDS Missionaries medically prepare for their mission. The textbook is a resource for missionaries  while serving their mission by providing relevant medical information. Want to keep your son or daughter healthy with all of the necessary vaccines and medicines? Want to help your sick companion? This website and the book are for you. We recommend that you review the information on this site before you leave for the mission field and get a copy of Missionary Medicine: A Guide for LDS Missionary Health to take with you.  If you cannot afford a copy click the Contact our Team link and we will mail you a copy for free.


MIssionary Medicine
A Guide for LDS Missionary Health

This is an invaluable textbook for missionaries while serving on their missions. It is designed to fit in their first aid kits. This handy reference guide provides:


  • Fast access to common medical problems encountered by missionaries all over the world
  • Alphabetical origination of disease and treatments
  • Suggestions for items in first aid kits
  • Ideas for prevention of diseases
  • Suggestions for the prevention of fleas and bed bug bites
  • Treatment for common upper respiratory diseases
  • Treatment of common dental problems
  • Prevention and treatment of diarrhea
  • Suggestions for the treatment of water in missions around the world
  • Treatment of wounds and other common skin problems encountered by missionaries
  • Proper bicycle set up
  • And many more useful topics
If you cannot afford a copy of the text, click here and give us you name and address and we will mail you a copy for free
All proceeds from the sale of the text "Missionary Medicine: A Guide for LDS Missionary Health" will be
donated to the General Missionary Fund of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.