Medicines for Missionaries

One of the questions that we are most frequently asked is what medicines should a missionary take into the mission field? The answer depends upon the area where the missionary is going to serve as well as being determined by what diseases or conditions that missionary already might have.

That said, there are several medicines that most missionaries should have in certain areas.  Please refer to the "
Stay Healthy on Your Mission" link. Scroll down and you will see in general, the medicines that missionaries should include for a specific area.

But there are prescription medicines that are very useful as well.  Below are two lists.  One is of prescription medicine with instructions on how to use them, and the other  is over-the-counter medicines and instructions on how to use them.  These are suggested medicine, but you should make sure the missionary takes medicines that he/she are already on first, then talk to a medical professional about these others.  You can print these off and take them to the doctor to get a prescription for the prescription medicines or go to the pharmacy to buy the over-the-counter medicines.