Medical Tips for Missionaries

Here are some tips for missionaries that have been suggested by missionaries or their families.
All Purpose Tool - One of the most common things we here is the usefulness of an all purpose tool.  Missionaries write and tell us that they use it every frequently and it was the best thing that they took.  These devices have many purposes, but have tweezers and small knives that are useful for any first aid kit.
Cipro - "We sent our son to Mexico with some CIpro that he was prescribed by our doctor.  Every time he got diarrhea he took this antibiotic and the diarrhea stopped quickly.  All the other missionaries were asking him for some pills.  I would highly recommend this when going to a mission where diarrhea is common."  M. Anderson, Texas

Washing pillow cases: Wash pillow cases frequently to help prevent inhaling bacteria.

Yogurt: When a missionary first gets to the country he or she should eat some of the yogurt. The cultures help him/her not to get sick as easily.

Papaya:  In south america a native remedy for the runs is to eat a few fresh papaya seeds 

Pepto Bismal is not available in many places in the world - where it is needed to control diarrhea. The best thing that a missionary can do is to bring tablets with them